Simply stated, owner and senior interior designer, Darleen McFarlan, lives for design. Armed with her art degree and sewing expertise, Darleen has been making an impact in Chicagoland interior design since she arrived in Naperville from California in 1982. Darleen began creating detailed custom quilts and one of her original creations took first place at a local craft show. Darleen’s first customer purchased the winning quilt and then requested matching drapery – thus giving winds to Darleen’s first business venture. Her clients’ admiring friends fell in love with Darleen’s artistry and soon word-of-mouth spread. With growing demand for her high-end custom bedding and Darleen’s entrepreneurial spirit, she kept so busy that she moved out of her overcrowded craft room basement and into an industrial site.

Her success led to the opening of her own retail site in 1990, where Darleen featured vignettes of not just award-winning quilts but window treatments, traditional furniture, and coordinating accessories. Her beloved drapery projects were given their own workroom, a tremendous advantage to her designers and upholstery team. Further expansions to her business came in 2003, when Darleen found a new, larger space in Naperville that now accommodated both a retail showroom and manufacturing facility. Her design team now had a spacious design room with a library of fabrics and trims, as well as a dedicated manufacturing area for custom fine furniture, window treatments, and luxury custom bedding. Over time, Darleen found that despite a vast showroom filled with extraordinary furnishings, her clients were more interested in what she custom-created for their homes.

Today, Darleen has reinvented her interior design business with Design Inspirations. A hybrid of her custom-crafted concepts and her showroom vignettes can be seen at the Design Inspirations Boutique in downtown Naperville. Her workroom is now off-site but still nearby right in the town she loves. With Darleen and her team at Design Inspirations, clients will find the look they dreamt of and the style they only imagined. Darleen has always been driven by her own love of design and the satisfaction of creating the look of her clients’ dreams. Design Inspirations is the culmination of a lifetime of taking a blank canvas of a room or house and reimagining it, until it has become a true masterpiece that her clients live in each day. Visit or contact the Design Inspirations Boutique to discover how Darleen and her team can create a work of art in your home.

  Creator, Darleen McFarlan
  Darleen McFarlan
Sr. Interior Designer

Proudly serving in:
Naperville, Illinois
Santa Barbara / Monticito, California
West Palm Beach, Florida
and their surrounding areas

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Design Inspirations is a collaboration of experienced interior designers ready to meet today’s design challenges. Your interior design goals are just a phone call away! Plus, many of the items we create are hand-crafted right in the U.S.A.
  Most items are hand-crafted in the U.S.A.